Who we are

We are in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. 120 km away from Shanghai Airports.

wft is a prominent multi-national & multi-task industrial group connected with 5 companies.

Our core industries are machinery parts, electrical home appliances, polyester staple fiber, garment, furniture production.

We produce mostly gentle parts such as Rotors, Opening Rollers, Bearings and similar items. And we supply rest plastic parts as well. 

Additionally we are active in global trading of commodities, mining and property development.

In Europe we are one of those industry leaders for fast-moving industrial goods such as polyester fiber types for industries such as automotive, geotextile and others.

On the other hand well known furniture and garments brands are supplied over years with great success.

What we do has to be unique, trustful, should earn full-trust from the first minute we started to have conversation.

We take each and every step with extra care and we confirm even the smallest details to make sure all runs smooth as it needs to be.

We do know that your companies satisfaction is our success!